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Mary Ellen Hannibal talks about the power that citizen science and events like City Nature Challenge can have in saving nature.
Photo by TED Talks

How You Can Help Save the Monarch Butterfly — and the Planet

Wild Dunedin —

Monarch butterflies are dying at an alarming rate around the world - a looming extinction that could also put human life at risk. But we have just the thing to help save these insects, says author Mary Ellen Hannibal: citizen scientists.

This TED talk outlines clearly just why it's such a good idea to download the iNaturalist.nz app to your phone and become a citizen scientist and enter the City Nature Challenge.

You can click on the link below to learn what Mary Ellen Hannibal has to say about City Nature Challenge.


Monarch Butterfly — Image by: Penny Muir

"As we go forward you'll want to live in a place that has high biodiversity". Mary Ellen Hannibal