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NZ Sea Lion pup numbers 2018-19 as presented by DOC coastal Otago ranger Jim Fyfe.
Photo by Department of Conservation

Living with NZ Sea Lions

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Physical distancing for COVID-19 is 2 metres, but NZ Sea Lions need physical distancing from people of at least 10 metres...20 metres if we have a dog. DOC Biodiversity Ranger, Jim Fyfe, talks with Maureen Howard on sharing our shores with NZ Sea Lions.

"No one likes it when someone sits too close in the coffee shop or is making too much noise when you’re trying to rest – so why do that to a 350 kg sea lion?”  Jim Fyfe

Maureen Howard's Eco Living in Action was a weekly radio show, usually recorded live and ran from 2012 to 2019.  Otago Access Radio realised the radio show would make an ideal podcast series. Maureen is an eco-educator and journalist based in Dunedin. We had planned on presenting events around sharing our shores with NZ Sea Lions for the festival but you will need to now wait until April 2021 for these events.   However, we are happy to say Maureen has done a great interview with Jim Fyfe, a passionate protector of NZ Sea Lions and Department of Conservation Biodiversity Ranger. 


This link takes you to Maureen Howard's Eco Living in Action list of podcasts.  You will need to scroll down to the Sea Lion podcast dated 10.01.19 and then click to play.

Ben is doing the right thing staying at least ten metres from the NZ sea lion but still getting a good close view with his binoculars.  — Image by: Bryony Alden
“We’re really lucky in Otago to share our coastline with wonderful creatures such as sea lions, and we know people are excited to see them. It’s about being respectful to the animal, giving them space and enjoying from a safe distance – for both people and the sea lions.” Jim Fyfe 
Maureen Howard, sustainability teacher and journalist who also writes for  Otago Daily Times Resilient. — Image by: Supplied by Maureen Howard

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