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theartdept. - Artists and Art Educators - is the brainchild of two creative New Zealand women, Pamela Brown and Kerry Mackay.  
Photo by Kerry Mackay

Be Like Frida and Create a Fabulous Hairdo!

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Kerry and Pamela, artists and art educators, will fish an art idea out of their 'ART suitcase' for young (and not so young) artists keeping safe, staying home and saving lives. All theartdept's creative art ideas will be doable at home with whatever drawing/making materials you have available.

Create a fabulous hairdo!

Use things you find around you.

Kerry has used dahlias in her hair - most fitting because dahlias come from Mexico just like Frida does. — Image by: Kerry Mackay

 I made these eye wings, and found feathers and flowers from my garden (shake the earwigs out first!) Pin everything into your hair. 

Is Frida impressed? — Image by: Kerry Mackay

Take a photo and share it. Now design a hairdo for everyone in your bubble as no one can get to the hairdresser! 

Find out more about the artist Frida Kahlo.

Kerry and Pamela would love to see some of your fabulous hairdo ARt - post to their Facebook page

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