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theartdept. - Artists and Art Educators - is the brainchild of two creative New Zealand women, Pamela Brown and Kerry Mackay.
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Take a Line for a Big Walk on Boxes

Theartdept —

Kerry and Pamela, artists and art educators, will fish an art idea out of their 'ART suitcase' for young (and not so young) artists keeping safe, staying home and saving lives. All theartdept's creative art ideas will be doable at home with whatever drawing/making materials you have available. Create a sculpture you can play with inspired by the artist Hundertwasser.

Collect as many different sizes and shapes you can find. — Image by: Kerry Mackay

Using a big felt or large pencil take your line for a walk around and around your cardboard box, building up interesting patterns as you go. — Image by: Kerry Mackay

Zigzag, spots, fast lines, slow lines, thick lines, thin lines, lines that cross over others, pointy lines, spirals ....how many different lines can you add? — Image by: Kerry Mackay

Use paint or crayon to add colour. — Image by: Kerry Mackay

Now your lines become colour patterns! — Image by: Kerry Mackay

Once dry you can stack your boxes in many different ways to create a sculpture. Make lots of boxes and build a giant sculpture with your bubble buddies. — Image by: Kerry Mackay

Find out about the artist Hundertwasser who loved continuous lines and colour and pattern. He created paintings and buildings as artworks. — Image by: Kerry Mackay

Kerry and Pamela would love to see some of your box art so post to their Facebook page.

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