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Kiwi Backyard Listening ©Heather Hunt All Rights Reserved 2020
Video by ©Heather Hunt

Backyard Kiwi - Backyard Listening

Wild Dunedin —

We asked our festival guest Heather Hunt what she and the Backyard Kiwi team have been up to while in lockdown. Heather realised this would be an ideal time for people 'staying at home' to record when they hear Kiwi at night. And to promote this Backyard Listening project she has created this animation.

We brought the Backyard Kiwi team from Whangarei Heads down to our festival in 2018 because as a conservation group they have been very successful in engaging the local people and changing behaviour to help a wildlife species to recover. 

Heather Hunt author and illustrator - and we plan to have her as one of our 2021 Festival guests. — Image by: Jeannie Hayden

This video tells their story and the 'Take the Lead' campaign that has managed to change people's behaviour with their pet dogs for the benefit of Kiwi. 

Take the Lead Backyard Kiwi

Heather is now in conversation with another Northland Landcare group on setting up a 'Take the Lead' campaign for their kiwi. 

We look forward to welcoming Heather to Dunedin for our April 2021 festival for a number of readings and art activities at Dunedin City Libraries.

 'Mr Kiwi has an important job' has just been selected for a 2020 Storylines Notable Book Award. — Image by: Artwork by Heather Hunt