Hero photograph
Ruud Kleinpaste introduces George the tree weta to Callum during the Wild Dunedin festival 2017
Photo by Neil Harraway

"C'mon, become a nature nerd" says Ruud

Ruud Kleinpaste —

Ruud Kleinpaste is a great fan of iNaturalist.nz. We asked him to send us some words of encouragement about using the iNaturalist app to become as knowledgeable about the wildlife in our backyard as the Bugman. Using this technology is an easy and fun way to connect with scientists.

Ruud Kleinpaste tells us about iNaturalist

Now show the world what incredible species like birds, plants, and insects are living in your backyard. As the wildlife capital of New Zealand, we have a lot to prove! Between the 24th and 27th of April, thousands of people from across the globe will look for nature in their backyards in the international City Nature Challenge competition organised by iNaturalist.

Taking part is easy!

First you need to upload the free app from iNaturalist.nz (link below)

Find wildlife. It could be a bird, insect, plant or any other sign of life - it just has to be within the Dunedin City limits.

Take a picture. Snap a photo of what you find (and be sure to note where you took it).

Share! Upload your observations to iNaturalist NZ - Mātaki Taiao it will be automatically added to our total!


Proudly supported by iNaturalist NZ — Mātaki Taiao, Wild Dunedin Festival of Nature, Forest & Bird Dunedin and Predator Free Dunedin.