Hero photograph
 Blue Penguins Pukekura
Photo by Otago Peninsula Trust

Following Little Blues

Karthic SS and Pukekura Blue Penguins —

On the edge of the Otago Peninsula, Dr Hiltrun Ratz works with the Pukekura Trust to find out little secrets about the smallest penguins on earth. This 3 minute film by Karthic SS was produced on assignment for The Centre for Science Communication, University of Otago. Hoani Langsbury, Otago Peninsula Trust, introduces this short film...

"Blue Penguins Pukekura is the cute part of Taiaroa Head, which is dominated by the Dunedin icon, the Toroa or Northern Royal Albatross. The husbandry or kaitiaki work portrayed in this story is made possible by visitor contributions.
The Pukekura Trust is a partnership between the Korako Karetai Trust and the Otago Peninsula Trust. The Trust was set up to manage the Pilots Beach reserve. The Trust has undertaken the installation of predator control fencing, predator trapping and extermination, planting indigenous native trees and shrubs to provide a suitable habitat for the Little Blue Penguins to nest.
Takiharuru commonly known as Pilots Beach is the destination for watching the sunset over Dunedin and we continue to look forward to sharing this with visitors into the future!"    Hoani Langsbury, Otago Peninsula Trust

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Following Little Blues | Short Film | Wildlife Conservation | Blue Penguins Karthic SS

Karthic SS is from India and while at the Centre for Science Communication at Otago University has produced a number of films about our local wildlife.  We asked him what made him travel to Dunedin to study filmmaking at Otago.

Stories have fascinated me right since when I was a kid and a few years ago when I was working mostly happily as a Vehicle Testing Engineer in India, it dawned on me that telling stories is my true calling. Often found myself in and around lakes trying to photograph a bird or a butterfly, I wanted to tell stories about nature and the people that walk the long hard path to protect the wild.    Karthic SS

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