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Skipper Rachel McGregor of Port to Port Cruises and Wildlife Tours
Photo by Port to Port Cruises & Wildlife Tours

Port Chalmers-Portobello Harbour Bike Loop

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Rachel McGregor of Port to Port Cruises and Wildlife Tours has swapped the harbour for her computer. She's using the lockdown to work on her next project - encouraging cyclists to catch the ferry to access the existing and planned cycleways on both sides of Otago Harbour.

Port to Port has already received a custom made electric bike rack built by students of the Otago Polytechnic. It can hold 6 electric or mountain bikes. Extra bikes can also be stored on the deck.

Rachel is working out how cyclists can make "a day of it" on both the Portobello and Port Chalmers sides of the harbour. She's talking with other businesses who can offer services like food and beverages, entertainment and cycling gear.

She is using this downtime to get in touch with other businesses to work together on this project.

Cyclists at Portobello Jetty after crossing on the Port to Port Ferry. — Image by: Rachel McGregor

"Promoting cyclists using the ferry to go 'Port To Port' will be our main focus over the next couple of years. Especially now with the anticipated decrease in overseas travellers and perhaps an increase in local tourism. We hope lots of people will be making good use of the cycle trails and supporting the nearby businesses."  Rachel McGregor


"Back to the basics, no make-up, nice hair dos, or fancy clothes for a few weeks! My son Ashley and I getting computer work done to start the day. Home-schooling and checking emails meet-at the kitchen table!" Rachel McGregor — Image by: Rachel McGregor

"My son Ashley and I are also becoming more familiar ourselves with cycling for exercise every day. Once the lockdown has passed we will be trying out other trails and tracks around Dunedin so we have more experience ourselves with this new aspect of our business." Rachel.