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Nicola Toki from DOC putting up the argument that the peripatus should be the critter welcoming people to Dunedin at 7x7 Wild Talks 2018.
Photo by Wild Dunedin

Wild Dunedin Podcast - 'The Small Things...'

Wild Dunedin Podcast —

Plants and the small things, those little bugs and insects, the things that scurry and flitter about are unlikely to be heading marketing campaigns for Dunedin. But we get told that they are important and have essential roles and ecological niches. In this episode we examine the wildlife we encounter daily.... and walk on past.

This Wild Dunedin podcast created in 2018 celebrates the small everyday wild things often found in our backyard.  This podcast is relevant now more than ever as we all need to focus our nature adventures close to home. 

In this podcast Jamie talks to Nicola Toki from DOC, Dave Randle on peripatus, Taylor Davies-Colley on plants and Tahu Mackenzie on the importance of some connection with nature.

Find out about the little gems in Wild Dunedin in this Otago Access Radio episode from the link below:


The Small Things is Episode 6 Series 1 of Wild Dunedin Podcasts

This series was made possible through the assistance given by The Otago Museum and Otago Access Radio.