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‘My greatest satisfaction has been being able to convey to the wider public the value of natural areas and the significance of integrating ecological principles to achieve the sustainable use of natural resources.’        Sir Alan Mark
Photo by Rod Morris

Alan Mark on Tussock

Wild Dunedin —

Sir Alan Mark our Wild Hero for 2019 in this short video talks about his life's work on tussock grassland research. This video was filmed, written and produced by the talented Bill Morris. Alan gives us great insight into tussock...as he says, tussock grasslands are just as important as our forest giants to protect...especially as they are important water gatherers.

Here is the video:

Sir Alan Mark - Tussock Grasslands Bill Morris

This is from a series of three videos with Sir Alan Mark taking us on three journeys to a greater understanding of unique and important natural areas of New Zealand.   

These films were written, filmed and produced by Dunedin filmmaker Bill Morris.

Bill Morris - videographer, writer, and producer...and a muscian. — Image by: Bill Morris

We are indeed fortunate to have such a talented filmmaker living and working in Wild Dunedin. Thank you Bill for ensuring there is a visual record of Sir Alan Mark's lifetime of work in research and conservation.

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