Hero photograph
Tom Barnett from Hail is our troubleshooter for Hail... and he does this from South America.
Photo by Mariana Costa

At Home in Bolivia

Wild Dunedin —

Tom Barnett works with Dunedin company Hail but remotely from Bolivia. He has always worked from home but with lockdown things have changed dramatically for him. We would like to share what he wrote to us about lockdown..

"Our lockdown in Bolivia has been very tight for the last 2 weeks and who knows when it'll end. All adults between 18–65 years here have been issued one day a week when we can leave the house between 7am–12 noon to get groceries, etc. My day is Tuesday and Mariana's is Thursday. Outside of those hours and ages no one can leave and no vehicles can be used at any time, only walking. This is to stop people going further than they need to and spreading the virus.
There are heavy fines and 8 hours of arrest for those that are caught outside with military and police patrolling/controlling.
Seems a bit drastic but wise here with a health system that won't cope with even a small percentage of sick!
So yes, we're doing all we can to stay healthy but it is all a bit much at times and I miss the outdoors :-(". Tom Barnett