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theartdept. - Artists and Art Educators - is the brainchild of two creative New Zealand women, Pamela Brown and Kerry Mackay.  
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Window 'post it' ARt CONTINUED

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Kerry and Pamela, artists and art educators, will fish an art idea out of their 'ART suitcase' for young (and not so young) artists keeping safe, staying home and saving lives. All theartdept's creative art ideas will be doable at home with whatever drawing/making materials you have available.

Transform your 'post its'

Now using the same 'post its' transform your pic into something new.  

Murray the cat likes to watch the neighbours on their daily walk. — Image by: Kerry Mackay

My cat becomes Hoiho, our special Yellow-eyed Penguin! 

Cat transformed into a Hoiho (Yellow-eyed Penguin). — Image by: Kerry Mackay

What can you make this time?

Change the window view for you and your neighbours to enjoy on their daily walk.

Kerry and Pamela would love to see some of your window 'post it' ARt - post to their Facebook page

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