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 Using plastic to create a beautiful yet grotesque image of an albatross was artist Tori Clearwaters way to highlight the issue of plastic pollution.
Photo by Tori Clearwater

Artist Tori Clearwater's work featured in Sci Comm Students Film Premier

Wild Dunedin —

Tori Clearwater had her work on display during Wild Dunedin 2018 to highlight the threat the albatross and other sea life are under because of plastic in the marine environment. She is now the subject of a 25 minute film "Hooked - Science, Sculpture and the Sea" by Lana Young as she develops a sculpture that reflects the impacts of long-lining on White Chinned Petrels.

"The albatross is a traditional maritime symbol of hope but recently this wanderer has become a victim of our rampant pollution."   Tori Clearwater
Albatross with Taiaroa Head lighthouse in background, Otago Peninsula. — Image by: Chris McCormack
"I was brought up on the peninsula and grew up immersed in the beautiful environment around me, the albatross and bird life have always been an inspiration in my work for their beauty and strength.
As I became aware that they and other sea life were under threat because of a man made product I began striving to produce works that raise awareness and bring a strong message to the public about what our impact really is."   Tori Clearwater
This artwork by Tori Clearwater can be seen at the Royal Albatross Centre.  — Image by: Tori Clearwater