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Wild Dunedin —

From Wednesday 23 April to Sunday 28 April NatureHQ will be in operation in the Community Gallery (20 Princes St) just up from the Octagon towards Moray Place. There will be events, activities, videos, displays, competitions, surprises and festival programme information.

Check the programme to see what is happening over the festival at NatureHQ .

A PekaPeka Bird Feeder designed here in Dunedin will be  drawn as a prize at NatureHQ on Friday 26 at 11am.

Drop into NatureHQ anytime before then to enter:

Wednesday open 10-3pm (events scheduled today)

Thursday open 12-4pm (events scheduled today)

Friday open 10-3pm (events scheduled today)

Saturday open 10-2pm (view the winners of the Wild Dunedin Earth Day Photo Competition up on the wall)

Sunday open 10-2pm 

NatureHQ is the festival base and venue and it will be located in the DCC Community Gallery, 20 Princes Street - just a few metres up from the Octagon walking towards Moray Place. See map below #9