Hero photograph
Photo by Debbie Halkett

Foggy and Miserable days...

Debbie Halkett —

On Tuesday this week we had thick fog across the district, which certainly in Oamaru lingered around. I personally saw a large number of vehicles driving without lights on and a number of cyclists who had no lights at all.

In Humber street (where I was driving), I just about saw a group of ten cyclists happily cycling (some with no hands) along the road, they were hardly visible.

So just a request on these cold and/or foggy mornings; vehicle lights on, make yourselves as visible as possible to other users. Cyclists and Pedestrians, bright colours and for bike riders lights on (especially at the back), it’s the only way you can be seen. If your child rides, just ask them to use both hands on the handle bars and not text and ride, please.

Thank you

Jason Evered
Road Safety Co-ordinator