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Belinda Hirst —

BOOKINGS ARE OPEN. These 15-minute conversations are an important part of our learning programme. They allow you as parents to be informed of your child’s progress and what they need to be doing to make further gains. These will take place on Tuesday 8 June, Wednesday 9 June, and Thursday 10 June. The school will finish at 2 pm Tuesday 8 June, 2 pm Wednesday 9 June and 3.00 pm Thursday 10 June.

These conversations are supported by teachers and you can be assured that teachers and students prepare well for these to make the best use of the 15 minutes allocated. 

To make things easy for parents and the school office we have an online booking system for you to book at a suitable time. BOOKINGS ARE NOW OPEN.

  • You MUST make your booking through Skool Loop so please follow the directions.

Downloading the Skool Loop app: a step-by-step guide.

  • Once you have downloaded the Skool Loop App, via either your Google Play or App store, please follow the below instructions to select Oamaru Intermediate.

    • Open the Skool Loop app - you will land on a welcome page.

    • Click the 'Select your schools' this will bring you to a menu you can either search your school or follow the country/region prompts: New Zealand, Otago, Oamaru Intermediate School.

    • Once you reached your school, select it with the tick on the right-hand side.

    • Tap the high orange button. this will load your school and bring you to the settings page.

    • Subscribe to groups that are relevant to you, then click the 'go back' button on your phone, which will bring you back to the main screen of your school's app.

It is expected that you and your child will meet with their classroom teacher. If you haven’t booked a time, teachers will send one home. 

The school will finish at 

  • 2.00 pm Tuesday 8 June
  • 2.00 pm Wednesday 9 June
  • 3.00 pm Thursday 10 June

Buses will run at normal times. Supervision will be provided for any bus students needing to remain at school.