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Principal's Message....

Rebecca Meek —

Our Purpose: To prepare students to be active participants who will contribute to their community.

Tēnā koutou katoa, Malo e lelei, Talofa lava, Bula vinaka.

Welcome back to term 3, thank you for your support in ensuring that your child has the correct school uniform, we take a lot of pride in how we wear our uniform and represent our school.


This week we welcomed Andrew Oliver and Katherine Pestell to the OIS team. Andrew is running our STEM program for the rest of the year, Andrew has huge strengths in this area particularly in Science and the Environment. Katherine is running our food technology programme and is bringing her years of experience in this area to the job. We are excited to have them as part of our team.

I Am Hope

On Wednesday we had Hayley and Mariah from “I Am Hope”. They discussed their personal journey and experiences and upbringing. Particularly focusing on the issue of our ‘overactive inner critic’ and the daily conversations that we have with ourselves. It's normal to have the inner critic but we are very harsh on ourselves.

They're about realising we need to lift kids up, encouraging them to look at themselves and their friends, that everyone has weaknesses and struggles and it's okay/normal to have struggles, it’s about giving and getting validation.

Everyone's journey out of the 'pit' is different and some get 'stuck' for longer in the 'pit'. I Am Hope shows young ones you can come out of that pit and give yourself value. Your children may have come home with an “I am Hope” band, this band is saying that your child is a safe person, for someone who is struggling, to talk to and all they have to do is listen, find help if needed. It isn't about solving their problems.

Mufti Day

On Friday 6th August we will be holding a Mufti day to support Youthline. Youthline provides a support line for any youth who needs it. We are lucky enough to have Youthline counsellors from Dunedin based at our school on a Thursday. Providing a service for a number of our students, if you would like to contact a youthline worker to arrange counselling for your child please contact…….

Contact Youthline

Youthline was created in 1970 and forms a collaboration of youth development organisations across the country.

Youthline works with young people, their families, and those supporting young people. Their organisations are made up of volunteer and paid staff members - and have centres based across the country.

They were established to ensure young people know where to get help and can access support when they need it. At the core of Youthline’s work is the development of leadership and personal skills in young people. They do this by involving young people; both those who seek assistance and those who wish to develop themselves.

Whātuia te Waiora - Weaving Wellbeing.

We are also lucky enough to have Sasha Frame from St Johns who over the course of the term will be running our Year 7 students through a programme called Whātuia te Waiora - Weaving Wellbeing.

Weaving Wellbeing is a positive psychology programme for Year 7 and 8 students. The intention of Whātuia te Waiora Weaving Wellbeing is to support learners to feel good about themselves, have a vision for themselves that supports their best possible selves, and to be equipped with a number of resilient ways of thinking and being to support them in times of challenge.

This intention will be to support learners to:

  • Get to know what their strengths are, and how they can be used in times of challenge.

  • Visualising themselves at their best.

  • Recognising their moods.

  • Cultivate resilient ways of thinking.

  • Kindness towards self and others.

Health and PE consultation

As part of the responsibilities of Oamaru Intermediate School, we are revitalising our Health Curriculum to incorporate Section 91 of the Education and Training Act 2020.

This will include us teaching a wider variety of topics around puberty, identity, relationships and sexual health.

Part of our responsibility is to inform Whanau and our community of the achievement objectives and content that will be delivered in the programme.

Your feedback and knowledge is warmly welcomed as we are wanting to ensure that we are catering to all views, beliefs and customs of our OIS community.

Children can be withdrawn from the content around contraception, which will only be delivered to Year 8 students.

This information will be used to ensure our curriculum complies with our legal obligations.

Any further questions or information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Gavin (gavinb@oamaruint.school.nz ) or Becky (rebeccat@oamaruint.school.nz ).


A message from Jason Evered, Road Safety Coordinator for Waitaki District Council

“With students back at school, Just a timely reminder to all our drivers out there. When approaching a school bus that is stopped at the side of the road, the maximum speed you should pass that bus is 20 km/h (in either direction). It’s easy to remember, just say the saying “20k either way, when passing a school bus”.

Also, a BIG thank you from me to all the parents and caregivers dropping children off and picking them up, a marked improvement has been noticed around you slowing down and watching out for other children. Crashes will happen, but driving at a slower speed will mean lower injuries to anyone hit and by anticipating as you are, the chance of a crash is far less likely.

Keep it up and drive safer Waitaki.

School pick up at 3.00

Our school gate is very busy at 3.00pm. For the safety of our students and staff on duty can you PLEASE not park on Pembroke street near the school gate. You can pick your child up from the Dacre Street gate which is a lot less congested or arrange to meet them down Arundel street.

Important Dates

  • Unravelling the Adolescent Brain, Monday 2nd August, Oamaru Intermediate School, 6.00 pm - 8.00 pm. It isn’t too late to register - email principal@oamaruint.school.nz

  • Oamaru Intermediate Open night, Monday 16 August @6.00 pm - 7.30 pm

  • Mid Winter break, Monday 30 August SCHOOL CLOSED

  • 1.00 pm finish, Thursday 16 September - we are able to provide supervision for those students who need it

Have a wonderful, safe weekend

Rebecca Meek, Principal

Ki te Taumata - Get there with Learning