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Photo by Debbie Halkett

Enviro School

Debbie Halkett —

O.I.S is an Enviro School which means we continually look at ways of implementing sustainable practices in the running of our school.

Some of the things we do to achieve this is;

  • We have chickens who supply eggs to our food technology area.
  • We feed our chickens from school lunch food waste such as apple cores, sandwich crusts etc.
  • We have our own school gardens that also supply our food technology area.
  • We are saving all our paper and turning it into bricks for people to use on their fire.
  • And we are thinking about the world the next generation will inherit and what it might look like if we can come up with clever ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Recently, I attended an Enviro meeting with all the other Enviro teachers in North Otago and we talked about the things each school was doing to promote sustainability in our schools. One of the ideas that came out of this was making shredded paper available for the public to come and collect for use in their gardens as mulch, to light fires with, use as kitty litter or as packing material etc.
We would like to gauge the level of public interest in using this resource. If you think you would use it, could you please email me carmens@oamaruint.school.nz and let me know. Once we get our paper brick enterprise running efficiently, we will also be offering these out to you as fire starters. Perfect if you don't have newspapers in your house. Watch this space for when you can come and collect yours.