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Back in Motion

The Importance of Posture

Back in Motion —

Posture is used to describe the position you hold your body in.

The posture you adopt during school can have a significant impact on the risk of developing other health issues, including physical discomfort, pain, injury, stress and fatigue.Furthermore, other factors at school such as, prolonged sitting, poor desk set-up, heavy back packs and use of electronic devices, contribute to poor postures.

Being aware of your posture and maintaining your body in a position where your joints are neutrally aligned is one way to help reduce the stress on your musculoskeletal system. Other ways to minimise stress on your body include: (1) regularly changing positions, (2) taking breaks to stretch your body, (3) minimising the use of devices, (4) having an appropriate desk set-up, (5) strengthening postural muscles and (6) preparing your school bag to avoid carrying unnecessary load.

Back pain is common health issue related to poor posture. If your experiencing back pain its needs to be assessed and treated as early as possible. Physiotherapists can help by alleviating your pain and addressing the underlying cause.