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Year 9 Wellbeing Day

Mrs S. Porter, Assistant Principal —

From unfairly judging others to maintaining a balanced lifestyle, Year 9 students explored a range of topics at their second Wellbeing Day.

On Thursday 20 August our Year 9 students participated in a range of interesting workshops related to wellbeing. The Youthline Team presented a workshop on managing stress. Garth and his team from the Malcam Trust, examined the idea of unfairly making judgements about others based on their image or appearance. Ms Taylor and her team of Year 9 to 13 helpers, explored what is needed to maintain balance in our lives and she introduced the use of rakau as a tool to support our wellbeing. Our amazing Year 13 students, Ella Macgillivray, Nicola McLellan, Sewmini Samuel and Ruby Cameron led team building activities in the gym, with the help of Ann Babbage.