Junior Production

Ms K. Dick, HOD English —

Greetings from the Junior School of Otago Girls’ High School.

We would like to invite you to attend our Junior Production taking place in Week Four of Term Three. It’s called “The New Adventures of Alice Spirl and Minnie Porter”. It is a new detective story written for the students by our Head of English, Ms Dick and very loosely based on Dame Ngaio Marsh’s play, Overture to Death. In our play, the piano is accused of murdering the lovely Enid Kindly but the piano is not the only suspect. Could it be the local hip-hop group or perhaps the rival pianist, Vee Sinestre? Perhaps the maid, Theresa Maynott could have something to do with it? It is up to our bumbling detectives, Alice and Minnie to solve the crime. Combined with great acting, some lovely song and dance, and a large dose of humour, we hope it will be a fun hour for your families and friends. The girls have been working on it for the last few weeks in iTime and will be heading into school on Sunday afternoons at the end of July and the beginning of August to create a feast of humour and joy for you. See you there!