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Photo by Cheree Henderson

International Potluck Party

Evie Holt, School Council Prefect —

On Monday, 8 August, the Student Council is holding an International Potluck Party! Everyone from students to friends and family from all cultures are invited to this event and to bring some food to share from their culture. The entrance is free, just aim to bring a plate of food from your culture and you are more than welcome to wear traditional clothing from your culture too! This will start at 5pm and will finish at 7:30pm, so the kids can come along too. This should be a fun night for our community to come together so we encourage you all to come along and mingle, while also enjoying some performances too!

If you are thinking of attending, please fill out this easy form to let us know the approximate numbers for the night.

  International Potluck Party RSVP link

Thanks, and we hope to see you there!