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Hannah Horton Year 13 —

Hannah Horton - Opoho School

This year I have been spending my Fridays at Opoho School as I am interested in becoming a primary school teacher. I share my time around different classes to get a sense of each year level. I have particularly enjoyed this placement because Opoho was my primary school and I have been able to reconnect with some of my old teachers. The experience has given me the opportunity to view school and education from a different perspective. The kids I have worked with are so welcoming and we have formed bonds where we are excited to see each other each week. I have been running spelling tests, helping with art, reading books to the class, and just hanging out with the new entrance children during play-based learning. The Gateway program has been very helpful in letting me see the way a classroom is run without committing to the degree just yet. However, I am now certain that this is the pathway I will take next year. I recommend Gateway to any year 12’s who are unsure of their future career decisions as I have found it to be very beneficial.