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Hands On at Otago programme for 2021 and the Maori Business Boot Camp 2020.

Mrs S. Spence, University of Otago —

Hands On at Otago (HOAO) 2021

This is the link to the Hands-on Otago information.

Attached is a powerpoint tile, which has information related to the Poutama Scholarship for students of Maori descent to attend HOAO.
Please note that in both cases, applications close on Friday 25 September (last day of term).

Maori Business Boot Camp (MBBC) 2020
The MBBC is a new initiative, aimed at providing the opportunity for Year 12 Maori Students from the South Island to visit campus and learn more about the world of business.
The closing date for applications is Friday 4 September. We welcome all applications.

Entrance Scholarships 2021

For those that were unable to attend the CA update session on Open Day, we are pleased to advise of the following information relating to our entrance scholarships.

  • The number of 150th, Māori and Pacific Peoples’ undergraduate entrance scholarships awarded by the University of Otago will be substantially increased in 2021
  • The 150th scholarship will be increased from $6,000 to $10,000 for the first year of study, with all scholarship recipients having the opportunity to gain a further $3,000 in their second year of study, dependant on their academic performance
  • Students gaining an excellence endorsement at Level 2 OR Level 3 will be awarded the New Frontiers scholarship, valued at $3,000 (not including Health Science First Year (HSFY) or Engineering Intermediate) (previously $2500)
  • Students gaining an excellence endorsement at BOTH Level 2 and Level 3 will be awarded New Frontiers Sustained, valued at $5,000 (not including HSFY or Engineering Intermediate)

We are also looking to release some information related to a new scholarship for all 'domestic international’ students. This should be made available in the next few days.
The application window for entrance scholarships has now closed and the process of recipient selection has begun in earnest. Successful students will be informed in the first week of October.

Certainly exciting times at the University of Otago, as we navigate through this tricky second-wave of COVID 19.
As usual, please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.