Hero photograph
Photo by Cheree Henderson

National Indoor Bouldering Series

Ariana Oswald, Year 11 —

Last Saturday the OGHS climbing club participated in the National Indoor Bouldering Series (NIBS). Some weeks prior we started preparing with weekly bouldering sessions at the Resistance Climbing Gym in Dunedin, the city to hold the first competition of this series. The gym closed three days before the bouldering competition in order to install new routes, so when we arrived on Saturday morning we faced unknown routes.

The competition was divided into three rounds with a last slot for finalists at the end of the day. Our main group attended the first round for youth and children. From 9:30am to 11:30am we climbed as many routes as we could manage and recorded how many routes of each level of difficulty we accomplished. The grades went from easy to hard and were arranged in colours green, yellow, orange, red and black. Many children and teenagers were present with their family to watch, which filled the hall with an energetic vibe. In the supporting and relaxed environment all climbers were working on their most challenging routes. After two hours, the points were collected and calculated. Various lucky climbers received spot prizes such as NIBS merchandise, among which one of our very own OGHS climbers was also able to choose a prize. Other OGHS climbers took part in the bouldering competition later in the day and achieved great results.

A couple of days later the points of each contestant’s climbs were released, which included some awesome achievements from our OGHS team. Not only did our experienced climbers give it their all, they were supportive to the four members who were competing for the first time. The following climbers competed in the competition: Chihiro Graham, Bella Potter, Islay Garden, Jess Lynch, Ariana Oswald, Summer Adams, Lottie Armstrong and Emma Dawson.

Notable results are from Summer Adams who placed 5th in the U18 category and Lottie Armstrong who also placed 5th in the U16 category.

NIBS continues with another three events located in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. We are working on establishing a team to compete in Christchurch, which would be very exciting. The OGHS climbing team had a great competition and is looking forward to further events!

Does this sport sound exciting? How about giving it a go! Join the OGHS climbing team and come along for some winter bouldering. You will even receive the opportunity to compete in further NIBS competitions that our climbing team is attending. Entries for the winter climbing sessions will close this week, so sign up and give it a go. Either join the google classroom through the code b44z4xv or have a look at the Info letter Winter Indoor Climbing 2023 for further information. Experience fun and exciting bouldering sessions in our supportive team environment, challenge yourself and have a great time!