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New Horizons Pacific Social Enterprise Summit

Ms A Brown —

On Wednesday 17 June, Nabaya Qauqau, Maryangel Fretton, Lavinia Penese and Glory Kioa travelled to Auckland to attend the New Horizons Pacific Social Enterprise Summit the following day. These young Pasifika women all participate in social enterprise in a number of ways through school and in our community.

The main day started with the Emerging Pasifika Youth Breakfast with keynote speakers Tony Laulu (Digital Discipline founder and author) and Sarah Colcord (Chooice founder) who shared their own journeys and insights that the girls could take on board for their own journey. The rest of the day consisted of a range of speakers, delicious buffet and networking. Beatrice Faumuinā was our MC for the day and Glory gave the prayer for our lunch. Our future rugby greats, Nabaya and Maryangel met rugby legends Tuifa'asisina Bryan Williams and Saveatama Eroni Clarke who spoke at the Summit about the creation of Moana Pasifika. 

We bumped into Kendal and Sau from Sisters United at the Summit and visited the Sisters United HQ at The Palace Dance Studio the following day. Sisters United runs the Crown Yourself mentoring program currently running during i-Time for our junior students and Nabaya, Maryangel and Glory facilitate this at Otago Girls'.

We had a great time and managed to get in a bit of shopping at Sylvia Park and Papatoetoe Night Markets while we were there, and went to Pinati's for lunch before travelling back on Saturday. Thank you to our families and school community for your support.