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Cry Baby

Senior Production 2021

Ms C Robson, Arts Coordinator —

Tickets are live now!

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Otago Girls' High School and Otago Boys' High School are very excited to announce our combined Senior Production for 2021 is "Cry Baby".

"Cry-Baby" is a musical based on the 1990 John Waters film of the same name. The musical focuses on Baltimore teenager Allison Vernon-Williams, who is drawn across the tracks from her 1954 finishing-school background into a relationship with the orphaned Wade "Cry Baby" Walker, the leader of a pack of rebel outcasts.

The hard work preparing our actors, singers, dancers and musicians for this show is well underway and our production team are busy behind the scenes helping to get this fantastic event off the ground and provide our performers with the best resources and equipment we can muster.

We look forward to seeing you during our season of "Cry Baby" at the Maurice Joel Theatre Otago Boys' High School from Wednesday 30 June through to Sunday 4 July 2021.