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Parent-Teacher Interviews

Mr C Richards, Assistant Principal —

There are two days of parent teacher interviews coming up for all year levels. A recent survey of parents resulted in an approximately 50:50 split in the desire to either meet face to face or online. Therefore there will be one of each format. The first is on Thursday 27 May and will be face to face interviews in school. The second is on Wednesday 2 June and will be online using Whereby (similar to Zoom). Parents and caregivers can select appointments to suit from either or both sessions. Each has its own event code when booking.

Thursday 27 May 3:45 - 6:25pm: Face to Face Interviews can be booked online at www.schoolinterviews.co.nz. The event code is 6fjdp

Teachers will be in rooms. Please avoid back to back bookings to allow movement between rooms and allow time to find a carpark.

Wednesday 2 June 4:00 - 8:30: Online Interviews can be booked online at www.schoolinterviews.co.nz. The event code is rbdxp

Each online interview is five minutes and the appointments are spaced with a short crossover in between each appointment during which time you are admitted via the direct link in your interview booking. It is possible for two parents or caregivers to attend the same Whereby meeting from two different locations if they have the link, although the teacher will need to be prompted to admit both parents. Whereby admits up to four different participant screens a meeting.

Click on the link called Video Interviews in your confirmation email just before your appointment time and the teacher will admit you. There is no logon or extra step required once you click on that link.

If you are unable to attend at these times but wish to discuss your daughter’s progress, please contact your daughter’s teachers by email to seek alternative feedback.

Bookings opened on Friday 14 May and close at 7am on the interview day. Please telephone the school office on 474 0496 if you wish to make your bookings directly.

Home-school partnerships ensure the best outcomes for your daughter and this is a great opportunity to meet your child’s teachers and discuss their progress, attitude to study and next steps. Please feel very welcome.