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Wheelchair Basketball

Disability Awareness in Physical Education

Riley Iosua, 10Cn —

Recently in Physical Education, 10CN have been participating in a disability awareness program. By participating in this unit we experienced visual impairment and adaptations to the use of our bodies. To experience the life of a visually impaired person 10CN ventured into central Dunedin blindfolded with a sighted partner. We also completed a series of everyday activities wearing blindfolds, played goalball (a game created for those with no vision) and learnt how to help those who are visually impaired. Throughout this topic 10CN also adapted their bodies to undertake the challenges of playing sport without a particular body part. We partook in different sports like stopball with only one arm and even had the opportunity to play wheelchair basketball down at the Edgar Centre. By engaging in the previous activities 10CN determined that Dunedin could make changes to our infrastructure to make it more accessible for visually impaired people and we expressed these thoughts to the DCC by writing letters. 10CN also learnt that having a disability doesn't have to stop us from playing sports because there are many adapted versions for various different conditions.