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"Speaking Of..." Capture voices of our ex-girls

Johanna van Aalst, Ex-girl —

To all our Social Media Experts,

We are so excited about the upcoming 150th Jubilee Celebrations and things are moving very quickly.

Because we want to hear from more of our Alumni we have added a new digital event that uses your super talents as social media experts to show us how you own this space and can get more people involved.

We’re calling it, “Speaking Of…”

The challenge is to create a one to three-minute video using any device you have access to.

It should show your ex-girl [ your mum, nana, family friend, ] sharing one of the following:

1. A tip or lifehack

2. A career highlight

3. Your most memorable moment (not necessarily at school)

4. A piece of advice

You don't need to be too serious about this as everyone is unique and will have their own twist on these themes.

Who needs to be in this video?

This is for ex-girls. You are the camera person/director/executive producer

This is where you capture your Aunty or Mum or Grandma, Nana, Dad's partner or someone you know who is an ex-girl on VIDEO sharing her superpower.

Many of them may never have made a video before. They will need encouragement so don't give up, keep at them until you capture their magic on your phone or device.

Here are some great tips for making a good video…

Talk through the idea together first

Hold your phone side-on (landscape)

Rehearse and practise many times until everyone is comfortable

Make sure their face is facing the light. The camera person should have their back to the sun or light

Stay close so we can see them clearly

The best videos will be judged by a team of current students and the winners will have their video scripted, and put on display during the 150th celebrations, the evening dinner, and OGHS social media posts. Imagine your person being on the big screen!


Keep to the subject

One to three-minutes max!

Label your video with First name_Last name_first year of attendance eg. jane_smith_1980

All videos need to begin with 'Hi my name is [insert name] and I went to Otago Girls’ from [insert years]

We would especially love to see Grandmas and Nans.

Upload the video to Google Drive and share it with Ms Dick dk@otagogirls.school.nz by Friday 31 October

Any questions email Johanna van Aalst at johanna.vanaalst@gmail.com, subject OGHS video