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Photo by Cheree Henderson

Year 11 Geography Trip to Aoraki Mount Cook

Ms T Munro, HOD Social Sciences —

The annual Year 11 Geography trip to Aoraki Mount Cook trip returned last week and it was

a great success! We started off our adventures with 38 students travelling to Glentanner

Park early Tuesday morning.

Our first stop was at Totara Estate, students were able to take a tour and learn about the

history of one of the first farms established in the North Otago area. They learnt about the

first organised shipment of frozen meat from New Zealand to England and what that meant

to our farming industry. We then continued on our way to the Aoraki Mount Cook


Once we got to Glentanner we set up camp and got straight into looking at the natural

environment of the Tasman Valley. We took a walk down to view the braided Tasman River

system, the area where we would be completing our scientific research work later on in the


On Wednesday we ventured into Aoraki Mount Cook Village and received talks from the

Department of Conservation about human impacts and the waste management operations of

the National Park. Investigating the ways the Department of Conservation minimises the

impacts of the increased visitor numbers of tourists ( pre Covid -19). In the afternoon we

were fortunate to be able to complete the Hooker Valley walk. The weather was fantastic

and the girls were able to enjoy the walk and see the Hooker Lake and some icebergs.

On Thursday we saw Aoraki Mount Cook! It had finally emerged from the cloud, so there

were lots of photos taken before we set off to work on our Glacier River study. The study

included the girls venturing out into the cold waters of the Tasman River where they

collected data on the braided glacial river system. In the afternoon we had the privilege of

going on the Glacier Explorer boats on the Tasman Lake. This is always a highlight of the

students. The boat trip allows the students to get up close to the Tasman Glacier and this

year we also had the great excitement of travelling through an ice field.

The trip was a great success and gave us all the opportunity to experience one of the most

beautiful and unique parts of the world and carry with us memories for life. Thank you to all

the students who got involved and participated with positivity and integrity. Also a massive

thank you to all the staff for their help and enthusiasm during the trip.