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Student Learning Conferences
Photo by Cheree Henderson

Year 10 to 13 Student Learning Conferences

Mrs B Davidson, Deputy Principal —

Wednesday 24 August

On Wednesday 24 August the second round of Student Learning Conferences for the year will take place for all Year 10 to 13 students. These conferences enable students to take responsibility for their own learning and to deepen the conversations that students, parents and teachers have around student learning.

Year 9 students will be in a wellbeing programme while the conferences are taking place. Year 10 to 13 students will only be required to attend for their 30 minute conference that day but are welcome to study or work on assessments in the Library during the rest of the day. You should have received an email confirming your appointment time.

It is an expectation that parents and/or significant members of the student’s whānau attend these conferences with the student. The importance of attending these meetings is such that we provide a letter for parents’ employers should there be a need to get time off work to attend the conference. Research shows that home-school partnerships focused on the importance of doing well at school have the greatest positive outcomes for the student.

These appointments will be emailed to parents/caregivers next week. We look forward to meeting with you on 24 August.