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Energy Drinks are banned at School

Mrs B Davidson, Principal —

Because of ongoing issues with energy drinks such as 'V' and 'Monster' being consumed by students, these are now banned at school. Some students have been arriving at school with large cans of this as their breakfast. This most prevalent in the Junior school. Supermarkets have stopped selling these types of drinks to young people under the age of 16.The restriction was introduced because of warnings of the danger of high caffeine consumption for young people. Learning is also interrupted due to students needing the bathroom during class due to energy drink consumption.

The high level of caffeine in the drinks have been found to be linked to health problems in children, including hyperactivity, sleep issues, obesity, headaches and stomach aches. There is also the potential to become addicted to these beverages, causing long-term health effects. 

Some students are choosing to spend the money they might have on these energy drinks rather than on more nutritious food. We would encourage you to have a conversation at home about this topic, as high quality nutrition can have a huge impact on concentration, energy levels and academic achievement.