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12 PE Moke Lake Camp

Year 12 Pe Camp - Moke Lake 2020

Mrs M. Clements, HOD Physical Education —

The sun was rising and we instantly knew it was going to be a good day. 34 students and five teachers gathered at Otago Girls' at 6:45 am on the last week of Term Three. It was a tight squeeze but we managed to get us and all our gear in the vans and off we went. A pie in Roxburgh at 9 o’clock was going to be the best food we were going to eat for the next three days. We arrived at Moke Lake (near Queenstown) and set off on our first adventure of camp. On the first day, we walked up and down through streams and paddocks that went for what seemed like miles, slept in a bush with nothing but another person and our tents and a stove to cook our dinner. The second day rolled around and that meant another early start…….well for some of us at least! We finished the walk and then it was time to start off the kayaking and mountain biking. The rain however forced us out of our luxury waterbed accommodation. We then set off for our second adventure at around 6 pm on Thursday night. After finding some dry accommodation alongside the 13 Geography class we finished off our fish and chips and all set off for bed in our nice, warm, cosy dorm rooms. When we woke up in the morning we were all buzzing with excitement and ready for the jet boating which took us for a one hour thrill ride. Heading back to Dunedin we stopped off at the famous Highland Park in Cromwell where some girls got to experience the 200km an hour taxi and others competed to get on the leader-board on the racetrack. There were a lot of sleepy people on the way home, but all-round Year 12 PE camp will never be forgotten.