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Student Learning Conferences
Photo by Cheree Henderson

Student Learning Conferences

Mrs B. Davidson, Deputy Principal —

Thank you so much for attending the Student Learning Conferences. There was great dialogue between students and teachers, resulting in many fruitful plans being made for student success in the rest of the year. The conferences also provide a useful interface to enable you to contact your student’s mentor in the event of any concerns that may arise during the year.

As you will realise, some mentors change and this is due to staff leaving or having leave and affects who you might have as a mentor. Please be assured that we try to make the system as seamless as possible but we do have unavoidable changes which reflect the reality of our lives. If there are any specific issues, please contact me in the first instance.

If you were not able to attend the learning conference, please contact your mentor to arrange another time. It is vital for this conversation to occur in this disrupted year so that we know that students are on track to achieve success. I was very impressed with how focussed and organised students were and how wonderfully positive and adaptable they are even in this challenging time.