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Online Payments through the Caregiver Portal (POLi)

Mrs E. McDonald, Business Manager —

The Caregiver Portal enables online availability of student data and online bill payment functionality.

Please see the information attached explaining this new function which is now operational.

If you have further queries re 'POLi' please do not hesitate to contact the school and ask for the Business Manager.

How do I make POLi payments online?

From the 'Payment Pending' page, click 'Proceed using POLi', confirm your bank details and you will be required to log into iBank. Once you have clicked OK, success and print options are given before logging out on the left. Enter your email address and click 'Send' if you require the receipt (recommended) to be emailed - and print options for hard copy receipt. On completion of payments made, click 'Return to Musac Caregiver Portal' where a success or failure screen is provided.

To watch a video on how to use POLi click below:

http://answers.edge.school.nz/edge/video/how-use- poliTo watch a video on how to use POLi click below: