Hero photograph
Photo by Jane Smallfield

Mr Pickard's lock-down project

Mrs J Smallfield —

There are many talented staff at Otago Girls’ High School and then there are the super talented ones. Hard Materials teacher Simon Pickard is one of the latter. This week he delivered his lock-down project to the school library - a model of the original Otago Girls’ High School building. This building, located at right angles to the current school, was originally built for Otago Boys’ High School which opened in 1863. In 1871 the boys’ school moved their boarding house to upper Stuart St and the girls occupied the left hand side of the building they had vacated. Note the 7 foot fence which kept the two schools separate. In 1885 the boys’ school moved to their current location and the girls occupied the whole building until the current school opened in 1910. Thank you so much for generously giving this model to the school.