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9 CE Haiku Celebrated

Mrs N. Chapman, English Teacher —

9 CE Haiku Commendations and Publication

After lockdown, our Year 9 English class wrote some haiku based on Lockdown experiences (yes, Taylor was adopted by a duck).

There was a wide and wonder-filled range of writing, so congratulations to all the students. In particular the girls’ work was recognised in the New Zealand Poetry Society’s 2020 Competition. Taylor McLean’s “Duck Haiku,” and Summer Adams’s “What you can see and hear on the computer” were both Commended in the Junior Haiku section. These haiku are being published in the Poetry Society’s Anthology for 2020, along with Ella Wilson’s “Damp, cold, dark, evening,” and Isla Vasa’s “She collapsed with pain.”

Duck haiku

Squelching mud, eyes stare

Scared but defying me

Orange foot broken.

What you can see and hear on the computer

The voices crackle

Like milk pouring over rice bubbles

Their faces frozen in time.

She collapsed with pain

She collapsed with pain

The white sails flicked in her mind

Alone she sat with nothing to say.

Damp cold dark evening

Damp cold dark evening

small raindrops fall from the sky

landing on the road