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School App notifications for important messages

Ms K Dick, Deputy Principal —

We encourage all students and their parents/caregivers to download the app. Once it is downloaded just enter the school's name.

This is the method the school uses to communicate important messages i.e. cancellations, snow days, sports cancellations etc.

Go to the App Store on your Apple or Android device and search 'SchoolAppsNz' to download the app onto your device. 

Then search 'Otago Girls' High School' to find our school app. See the video attached to this article. 

The app is the perfect way to communicate if your young person is going to be absent from school for any reason and to connect to the parent portal. 

You may need to adjust the notification settings on your phone to make best use of this app.

The School App NZ is in addition to the Edge App which you will find instructions for in a following article.