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Social Science

Ms F Speight, TIC Social Sciences —

Over the last term Social Science students in Year 10 have participated in many different activities during i-time. This week some of the Year 10s visited Toitu and the Chinese Gardens and enjoyed learning about the special relationship Dunedin has with China. We also learnt about how in the past, attitudes towards the Chinese were not as positive but that this has changed over time. Learning about difficult histories is something we encourage students to do particularly in their Human Rights assessment later in the term. Understanding the different perspectives that exist towards past events both then and now and how attitudes and actions are influenced and change over time is an important aspect of Social Studies. The draft Aotearoa New Zealand Histories Curriculum that is being introduced in 2022 into Social Studies will allow us to do more of this and we are excited at the inclusion of local history as a key aspect to the curriculum. The curriculum which will be compulsory for Years 1 to10 is still in its draft stages and if you would like to give feedback about it you can by following the link here.