Hero photograph
Photo by Jane Smallfield

Junior Production

Ms K. Dick, HOD English —

The annual Junior Production went on stage recently to warm up the winter nights.

Inspired by a crime novel written by Dame Ngaio Marsh (and read for her by Ms Joy Crawford), Ms Dick came up with a way to use our grand piano as a murder weapon in “The New Adventures of Alice Spirl and Minnie Porter (or A Cup of Tea and a Wee Lie Down). In Term Two Ms Dick wrote and then directed her new play for our junior school and brought two favourite bumbling private investigators back to the stage. We were charmed by some lovely singing, dancing and acting as well as some fantastic prop making by our talented Mr Pickard. The girls started rehearsing in iTime and then used a few weekends in Term Three to delight their families and audiences from Balmacewen Intermediate and Arthur Street School in August.

The storyline involved loads of red herrings, a weaponised piano and cases of mistaken identity. Theresa May and Boris Johnson made an appearance as well as a Machiavellian niece who almost took out Enid Kindly and the Vicar in her desire to get her inheritance. Congratulations to all the performers and backstage crew for a wonderful season