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Students participate in Alliance of Girls' Schools Australasia webinar.

by Jen Marsh

On Wednesday 23 April Hannah Matehaere and myself attended a live webinar re-imagining 2020: leading in lock-down.

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Linda Miller, Principal

Principal's Report

by Ms L. Miller, Principal

During times of crisis communities come together to support those in need.

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Can our school help you with food parcels in this difficult time?

by Ms L Miller, Principal

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9Hi PE class wellbeing

by Mrs R. Hickley, Physical Education

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Learning at Alert Level 3

by Mrs B. Davidson, Deputy Principal

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Stress Busting - some tips for managing stress levels from Youthline and Ms Taylor our fantastic Counsellor.

by Ms S. Porter, Assistant Principal

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Hoki from Harwood with this week’s Sports update

by Ms C. Hokianga, Sports Co-ordinator

What a strange week for us all this week. This was the first time ever that we have not been able to attend an ANZAC parade and for me as an ex service person that was quite a surreal experience.

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Free online for course for athletes

Free online course for our young athletes

by Ms C. Hokianga, Sports Co-ordinator

Free course for young athletes in lock-down. I'm Brooke Neal, New Zealand Hockey Player, Olympian and Founder of All About Balance. I work with young female athletes on their mental well-being.

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Amelia Hosking, Year 13

Artist of the Week

by Amelia Hosking, Year 13

Congratualtions Amelia Hosking! Amelia in Year 13 Photography is exploring Anxiety for her Level 3 Portfolio work.

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Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish and food glorious food.

by Mrs N. Chapman, Enviroschools Co-ordinator

One thing we’ve probably all noticed living all together, in one place, all the time is … (no, not just that younger siblings are really good at playing snap - and cheating) … how much rubbish one household can make, especially when the Council recycling is not a thing.

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OGHS 150th Jubilee - it is time to register.

by Mrs J Smallfield

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