by Ohoka Office

In this section we add details of activities or events that would be relevant to our students. It is not for general advertising

Swannanoa School Fair, Rangiora Gymnastics and Ohoka Rugby.

Swannanoa School is flat out organising our annual fundraiser - The Swannanoa Country Fair, which will be held on Sunday 3rd March 2019.   See poster below for more information.

Rangiora Gymnastics Club runs Preschool to teenager recreational and competitive gymnastics classes. A fabulous addition to the programme for 2019 is our beginner cheerleading classes on a Saturday morning. Bookings for Term 1 are open now and you can easily register online via our website at

Ohoka Rugby is into it again with online registration open from February 6th and an open registration night on TUESDAY,

FEBRUARY 19TH 6-7pm for Under 10 years and 7-8pm for Over 10 – 18 years.

On registration night you can sign up for a team sub and pick up shorts, socks and size up the popular club hoodies (additional cost) , and even a pair of pre-loved boots for a bargain.

Based at Mandeville Sports Centre near the new village shops, we look after more than 200 boys and girls from Under 6 to Under 16, two open grade Seniors teams and a social side for over 30s. We pride ourselves on our welcoming style, great grounds, good gear and competitive teams. Most of all, we love our clubrooms environment, based on Mandeville’s shared sports facilities for more than a dozen clubs, including our own.

Current members should already have received an email link inviting you to confirm your details. It’s totally fine if you click, pay and wait to hear from us with details for the new season. You’ll get your gear from your manager as soon as teams are up and running.

All the subs and membership details are on our updated website

Or you Keep in touch with our Ohoka Rugby Club Facebook page

Meantime, if you haven’t been down for a meal, a drink or just a few minutes to put your feet up, drop in and check out the Ohoka experience: we highly recommend it.

Tim Fulton

Club president

Ohoka Netball Registrations are open. Trials for Future Ferns Years 5-8 (Saturday games ) are being held on March 13th 5.30pm, 17th 10am and 20th 5.30pm. The trials this year are being held at Dudley Park. All information is on the website.
Year 3-4 (Friday after school) there are no trials but please register through the Ohoka Netball Website. 

North Canterbury Pride Picnic -  We had an incredible turn out by local adolescents and children and families. The event was very family friendly with games, a local musician and people enjoying their own picnics in a lovely setting. Adolescents were very excited to have a local event and were immediately asking the volunteer coordinators when the next one would be. We even had some young people travel out from Christchurch. It would be really appreciated if you could share the event. Harold is one of the volunteer organisers again this year and if you have any questions he will be happy to answer