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Life Education van
Photo by Omokoroa No.1 School

Junior News

Omokoroa No.1 School —

Harold Came to School

The Juniors enjoyed their two sessions in the Life Education van. We loved seeing Harold (who was so impressed by us!), and also enjoyed all the special effects like the starry night sky, and different coloured lights.

We learnt that good friendships need lots of things to grow and be healthy. We need to be kind, inclusive, listen to and help our friends. We also learnt about developing resilience when things are hard. They taught us the acronym B.A.L.L which stands for:

B - Be bouncy

A - Air in, air out

L - Listen and learn

L - Let it go

These strategies can help us be more resilient in many situations we face.

Some of the Juniors even completed some wonderful giraffe art inspired by Harold.

We can't wait to see Harold again next year!

Kind regards,

The Junior School Teachers