Hero photograph
Arcane game developed by Sean McLeod
Photo by Sean McLeod

Know when to hold 'em

Lesley Brook —

Players pit their wits and their cards against each other in a new game.

Card games like Magic: The Gathering are very popular and provide an opportunity for people to play face-to-face, not just online. Communication Design student Sean McLeod decided to design his own game for his final year project, from initial concept and rules to the physical cards and board.

Sean's game, Arcane, uses seven different card types: Core (resource), Creature, Frame, Event, Augment, Action and Location. Frame cards combine with Core cards to create powerful biomechanical beings called golems whose abilities can be enhanced with Augment cards. Players decide which cards to play and when to attack and counter their opponents.

"Creating an interactive prototype with a world tied into it felt liberating and gave my concepts a tangible place that players can visit multiple times. I find myself looking into many different games for inspiration. In some games I have looked into the creation, development and the death of multiple titles for many months and for some, even years. Overall, I am very excited for what the future might hold."