by Lesley Brook

The Hoof Essential

Product Design student Elle Chotiwanich talks about her final year project.

The hoof pick is a tool that riders use to clean the dirt and stones from the horse's hoof every day before the ride. Removing the debris is necessary to prevent your horse from getting injured. The stud spanner is used to tighten studs onto the horseshoes. The studs are usually used in wet weather conditions to prevent your horse from slipping and getting injured.

The Premium Hoof Essential incorporates the hoof pick and spanner - both essential to have in the hoof kit if you are a horse rider. The tools are high-end and customisable. The handles are made of oak wood and stainless steel, emphasising the high quality of the tools.

Over the years, I realised how much design has an impact on and influences people's lives. This motivates me to create, design and produce high quality products. Being able to turn my ideas into reality is something I always dreamed of doing. Product Design gives me the opportunity to produce functional and beautiful products.