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Good for people and the planet

What do climate action and conservation look like to rangatahi in an urban context?

Many young people want to take action against climate change and make a difference. The trouble is that climate issues can cause overwhelm easily. Young people are motivated to volunteer, but local conservation groups may not be in a position to make the best use of all volunteers' time and talents, particularly in urban areas. Facing an uncertain and disrupted future and feeling powerless to influence this can contribute to climate anxiety and despair.

Product Design student Angus Lewry has responded to this issue by investigating conservation's broader context and benefits. He realised that conservation activities can help keep despair at bay, reconnect us with the environment, and provide tangible benefits for our biodiversity. Angus designed 'Fosterbox', a conservation tool kit that empowers individuals to understand and tackle climate-related challenges.

The kit contains a peat and paper tray for planting, prompt cards, native seed packets, labels and soil tablets. The planting tray also provides the packaging for the kit. It also includes a ceramic bird feeder with fixings, a sugar sachet for making nectar, and instructions for use. Angus progressively developed the bird feeder design using 3D printing, then moved to plaster mould making and slip casting in clay.

Fosterbox provides a way for people to take small actions to help support our local ecosystems, from planting native trees to offset emissions to providing food for our native birds. Local creatives can develop and align Fosterbox to their local context, and profits from the sales of the Fosterbox will go to local conservation groups.