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Relevant Research - November 2021

As another year winds up we are grateful that our research has been able to continue this year despite the pandemic. Online conferences have become a new normal although we miss valuable face-to-face interactions and collaborations with our international colleagues.

We are already planning for 2022, so if you would like to partner with our staff or students, whether on a new project or making good use of research we've already undertaken, we'd love to hear from you.

Prof Leoni Schmidt
Director: Research and Postgraduate Studies
ISSN 2624-084X


Elderly person using Macbook

Reducing social isolation

by Lesley Brook

Step by step instructions will help isolated older people to stay connected online.

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Artwork by Victoria Tong

Tong's Takeaways

by Lesley Brook

Victoria Tong pays homage to earlier generations of her family.

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Learning in lockdown

by Lesley Brook

Online learning provides opportunities for creative interaction with effective use of technologies.

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Concept drawing of interior of portable opera house

Sound travels

by Lesley Brook

Performances in this transportable venue would combine the magic of music with modern architecture.

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Captains talk, Rugby World Cup 2015

The run down

by Lesley Brook

The referees, as well as the players, need to be fit for the demands of elite rugby.

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Earnest Surya

Automated irrigation

by AIC

One of our Auckland-based IT students has designed a device for plant care.

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DDB Bubbles exhibition

Chasing dreams

by Caro McCaw

Dunedin Dream Brokerage brought art to the suburbs during lockdown in 2020.

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"From rugby tackles to corporate battles" "Fit for sport, now fit for life"

New pathways to achievement

by Heather Carpenter and Glenys Ker

A new book by Heather Carpenter and Glenys Ker explores the facilitation of independent learning in tertiary education, and the new pathways this provides for learner achievement.

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Cricket experience

by Lesley Brook

A new programme will provide a taster of cricket for young people new to the game.

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Diamond Dust XI

Carbon capture

by Lesley Brook

Marion Wassenaar's artworks highlight the fragility of carbon-based life and lifestyles.

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