iPad now with Apple Pencil by Apple

iPads at OJC

With extensive research and ongoing collaboration with Apple Australia we have confirmed that the device requirements at OJC are the iPad and Apple pencil.

We have found since the beginning of Ormiston Junior College, iPad models that utilise the Apple Pencil provide the most innovative and powerful solutions to support learning in various media and formats. We believe and have seen the iPad software and hardware performing extremely well over the last 6 years and, believe it will well into the future. 


iPad Enrolment Instructions

In purchasing an iPad for your child, we want to make sure that you select one that will not only see through their years at OJC, but also beyond into other schools.

Here is the recommended iPad and accessories that we know will see the student through for many years. This is a baseline model; we cannot guarantee any models below this recommendation will work with all learning and experiences at OJC.

To purchase your learner's ipad, you can go directly through the Apple NZ online store or alternatively, visit your local Apple retailer. 

You do not need the latest, high-spec machine - the basic education package that is totally acceptable here at school. Retailers will generally try to up-sell these types of products but the basic package is completely functional and compatible will all OJC learning tools.

All students at OJC need...

  • A basic 9th generation (minimum required) iPad that is compatible with a basic Apple Pencil (example here)
  • High Quality Protective Case
  • Apps from the school list - these will be pushed out to the device via the school network once learners are registered users with us. 
  • Always check for individual education prices.

Top Spec Options

If you wish to purchase models above the baseline recommendation, you can do so.

Keyboards for iPads are optional — these can increase efficiency and you may well want to purchase a bluetooth keyboard that fits the iPad you have chosen.

OJC iPad User Agreement 

Linked here, is the OJC iPad User Agreement which needs to be signed before we are able to enrol the iPad and thus before your child can use their iPad at our school.