iPad now with Apple Pencil by Apple

iPads at OJC

With extensive research and ongoing collaboration with Apple Australia we have confirmed that the device requirements at OJC are the iPad and Apple pencil.

In working with Stuart Hale (our eLearning consultant) we believe the models that use the apple pencil provide the most innovative and powerful solutions to support learning in various media and formats. We believe the iPad software and hardware will perform extremely well over the next three to four years. A list of downloadable apps for your child’s iPad has also been emailed to you but is also listed at our downloads webpage. 

iPad Enrolment Instructions

To purchase your learner's ipad, you can go directly through the Apple NZ online store or alternatively, visit your local Harvey Norman retailer. 

You do not need the latest, fancy machine - the basic package that is totally acceptable here at school costs roughly $539. 

Retailers will generally try to up-sell these types of products but the basic package is completely functional and compatible will all OJC learning tools.

Top Spec Options

All students at OJC need

  • Basic 9.7 ipad that is compatible with a basic Apple Pencil (example here)
  • High Quality Protective Case
  • Apps from the school list - these will be pushed out to the device via the school network once learners are registered users with us.

You can purchase an ipad pro 10.5 or 12.9 if you wish although they are more expensive. Go to: apple.co.nz look for individual education prices.

Keyboards for ipads are optional — these can increase efficiency and you may well want to purchase a bluetooth keyboard that fits this 9.7 inch ipad, or the ipad you have chosen.

OJC iPad User Agreement