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Luke Sumich, Leader of Learning | Principal
Photo by OJC

Luke Sumich | Leader of Learning (Principal)

Ormiston Junior College —

My family originate from Croatia from the small coastal village of Podgora (I highly recommend looking up Podgora on google images!).

They came to New Zealand and started as gum diggers in the far north Waiharara area. I have two children, my son who is at university in Auckland and a daughter currently at high school. My wife runs a highly successful education centre for girls who cannot cope in mainstream colleges.

I love test cricket, am a keen fisherman, handy golfer, and a long suffering coach of every sport my children have chosen!

I graduated from the Auckland College of Education in 1987. I taught at Kedgley Intermediate, Onehunga High School, was Principal at Punaruku School and more recently at Summerland Primary School where I was the foundation Principal.

Ormiston Junior College offers a tremendous opportunity and I look forward to working together with our whole learning community.